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The choice is yours—or theirs. Either way, everybody wins.

Please your people with snacks, swag (on demand or pre-purchased), gift cards, experiences, and more. The choice is up to you, or you can let them pick what they get. Stadium = Total freedom and flexibility.

Endless ways to engage

Endless ways to treat your team.

Clients return to Stadium again and again because there are so many different experiences to offer — all customizable to your own brand.

Company Gift Shops

  • Use for ongoing rewards or a one-time gift
  • Themed for any occasion with your branding
  • Option to include your own branded swag
  • Recipients redeem points or cash

Build-Your-Own & Themed Boxes

  • 2,000+ unique snacks and sips to choose from
  • No subscription required
  • Add branding and a custom message
  • Menu caters to every dietary preference

Surprise & Delight

  • Send snacks, swag, gadgets, experiences and more
  • Deliver to 1 or 1,000+
  • No subscription required
  • Include branding and a custom message

Swag Stores

  • Your own curated catalog of branded items
  • Quick and easy setup
  • We print on demand or store your existing swag
  • Hundreds of premium, unique options
  • Designed and curated for any occasion
  • Option to include your own branded swag
  • Recipients redeem points or cash
  • Add your branding to every touch point

Swag Kits

  • Send a unique mix of branded goodies
  • Deliver to 1 or 1,000+
  • Include a custom message
  • Let us design and/or incorporate your existing swag

Swag Drop

  • Send a swag item to 1000s of recipients, worldwide
  • On-demand (pay-as-you-go) or bulk order items
  • Hundreds of premium items available
  • Let us design; you approve

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Employee Appreciation

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Employee Birthday Treats

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Work Anniversaries

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Boosting Morale

Boosting Attendance

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