Gift smarter,
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Send everyone to your custom gift shop, where they can pick gifts they actually want.


We were made for this

Made for scalable gifting, we’re the easiest way to treat 1 or 1,000+.

You set the budget

We have offerings for any budget! Simply enter your budget and recipients’ emails.

Recipients pick their gifts

Recipients also add their shipping address for a seamless gifting experience.

We ship, you relax

The logistics are on us. Wanna keep tabs on gifts? It’s easy with our Treats Dashboard.

Create a company gift shop in a few clicks

Choose one of our festive shop templates pre-stocked with great holiday gifts for your employees and colleagues. Simply invite everyone via email to shop and pick their own gift, and your holiday giving is done.

Customize the shopping experience

Put your company’s spin on your shop by adding your own branding or imagery. You can customize your shop catalog to include other goodies or some slick company swag.

It’s easy to add swag

Creating branded merch around the holidays is usually a pain—but not here. Just select your items from our premium catalog and let our team handle the rest.

Easily stick to your budget

Get total control over your gifting. With no minimum budget, budgets are completely up to you and can be changed among groups. Gift with points or change your shop currency for a localized experience for recipients.

Gift to anyone worldwide

Shops are available to anyone, anywhere in the world. Give your people on every continent the same delightful holiday experience (including free shipping). 

check out our

Holiday Shop Templates

Just want to send them stuff?

send A
Surprise Snack Box

Surprise recipients with a themed box shipped straight to their door.

send some
Curated Swag

Send joy their way with a box of handpicked swag.

Want a quick demo?

We’ll show you all the gifting goodness and create your
very own shop together in just 15 minutes.

Want a quick demo?

We’ll show you all the gifting goodness
and create your very own shop
together in just 15 minutes.

Gifting is our forte

Our features keep them coming back:

Gift globally to anyone, anywhere

Endless customization options

Easy, centralized user management


Live customer support

Individual gift order and delivery tracking

Options for all budgets

Mix and match across brands

No money wasted—only pay for redeemed gifts

Gift globally to anyone, anywhere

Individual gift order and delivery tracking

Endless customization options

Options for all budgets

Easy, centralized user management

Mix and match across brands


Live customer support

No money wasted—only pay for redeemed gifts

SnackMagic is a fan favorite with our team and was an easy choice for our virtual team's holiday party last year! Everything went off without a hitch, from the ordering to fulfillment, and people enjoyed so many new and exciting treats together.

Kristen Waltz, Ad Thrive

Gifting should be jolly, not stressful

There’s no order too big or complex! Set up a call with our team, and we’ll guide you through all of your gifting needs.

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Holiday Cards

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