Our Team

We’re a fully remote team that’s passionate about connection. We value collaboration, transparency, and authenticity! Come join us as we power relationships with gifting!

Values we live by

Be a problem solver

When there’s a cow in a ditch, we get it out fast.

Then we figure out how the cow got there in the first place.

Then we decide what to do so that the cow never gets into that ditch again. Because nobody likes a cow in a ditch.

Cut to the chase

There’s no time for lollygagging and there’s no need for sugarcoating.

When something needs to be done, we do it as quickly as possible.

When something needs to be said, we say it as directly as possible. Kinda like we just did there.

Stay Confidently Humble

We know we’re good but we recognize we can always be better.

So we learn, improve, repeat.

Admit mistakes when we make ’em. And always check our egos at the door.

Welcome Change

We aren’t afraid of change. In fact, it’s built into our business model.

We’re nimble and malleable. If we wake up tomorrow and the world is different, we’ll simply adapt.
(See 2020 for proof.)

Team First

We work together, as a team.

No one is better than anyone and no work is beneath anyone.

We help each other, listen to each other, and most importantly, value each other. Go us!

Values we live by

our culture

Life at Stadium

a world of opportunities

Find us all over the globe

South Africa
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Come join a robust and distributed team that spans the entire globe.

& Benefits

Remote First

Work from wherever you feel is best.

Flexible Time Off

Everyone needs a rest from the grind.

Medical Insurance

75% contribution for health, dental, and vision insurance.

Parental Leave

Spend quality time with the newest member of your fam.


Up to 6% match with no vesting schedule.

Endless Fun

Free snacks and swag with virtual and in-person events.

Work with us & be yourself


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