Stadium Swag Creation and Logistics

Create and share exceptional swag experiences

Create stunning swag with bulk, on-demand, or custom kit capabilities. Distribute swag in innovative ways, such as with campaigns or company swag stores, where recipients choose what they want and how they prefer to receive it.

Pay-as-you-go. No minimums—no subscriptions, no monthly fees.

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The value of Stadium

Better swag in better ways

Innovate your swag design, production, and logistics.

Get swag designed effortlessly

Our catalog of top brands and 1000+ items are guaranteed crowd favorites. Simply share your branding, and we'll apply it across the entire catalog.

print on demand

Choose from innovative print production options

Opt for bulk production or on-demand printing for cost control and environmental responsibility.

Launch a branded swag shop

Create your own branded swag shop, complete with a diverse selection of custom merch and items from our catalog. Allow recipients to choose and specify shipping locations.

swag kit

Develop custom swag kits

Create amazing swag kits tailored to your brand. Choose from our catalog filled with top brands featuring merch, snacks, and goodies. Kits are ideal for onboarding, events, celebrations, and more.

Store and ship with us

Effortlessly manage and distribute your promotional products with Stadium. Our reliable storage and shipping solutions ensure your items are where you need them when you need them.

Go Further

See what else you can do with Stadium.


Let Stadium store, ship, track, and manage inventories of swag, uniforms, supplies, and more.

Custom Shops

Create a shop as unique as your needs. Curate your catalog and brand it to be yours.


Streamline your gift scheduling with campaigns.


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