Store your swag in one place

Manage your designs and pre-purchased items for sending kits, items, or restocking.

Send or store with us

We see swag in your future! Swag can be used for shops, kits, and more.

Get the big picture

Head to My Swag to manage your swag.

  • Virtually access your swag anytime
  • Efficient inventory management
  • Automated restock notifications
  • Easy reordering
  • Manage all swag designs

Leave the logistics to us

Store now, use later

Use. Store. Repeat. We know the possibilities are endless with swag, which is why we let you store swag for whenever you need it!

Easy Reordering

Reorder with just a few clicks, so you’re never without high-quality swag.

Manage Designs

Track designs, view statuses, and request mock-ups at a glance. You can also share your inventory and designed items with your team.

Never go out of stock

Monitor inventory with custom low-stock notifications.

Multiple ways to gift

Purchase your swag and choose your sending experience.

Swag Store

Create a swag store and add items for recipients to redeem.

Swag Kits

Curate a box of handpicked swag to send to recipients.

Bulk Swag

Order swag in bulk and get volume discounts. Swag can be sent globally.

Ship your swag to our warehouse

Before shipping your swag to us, fill out the Store With Us form.
  • Attn: Swag Receiving – Receiving #: ___________
  • 42-38 13th Street, Long Island City, NY 11101
  • Phone: +1 646-693-3964


Item(s) should arrive ASAP. Please include a note with your email address and your receiving number.

Unlock volume discounts with bulk swag

Before SwagMagic

  • Not knowing what and how to gift
  • Figuring out the logistics
  • Constantly running out of stock
  • Losing track of inventory
  • Packaging & shipping complications
  • Unforeseen expenses

After SwagMagic

  • Swag consultations
  • Gifting options to choose from
  • Design, packaging, shipping taken care of
  • Exclusive storage and live inventory tracking
  • Hassle-free execution
  • No hidden charges

We ship to 170+ countries

Design swag, and we’ll fulfill your items locally around the world!


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I send my own swag, or do I have to buy from Swag Locker?
You can send your own swag or buy from us. There is no additional cost to send us your own swag.
You can fill our “Get a Quote” form here. It will give you the exact amount we would charge you for kitting and distribution. For further assistance, set up a demo call with us here.
Absolutely! You can send your own box and packaging or buy from us.
We deliver boxes duty paid (DDP) but sometimes there can be custom charges. We reimburse the end recipient in case that happens.
Yes, there are no minimums. We can do a kitting and distribution order of 1 or 10,000 boxes.
No. You own the customer data. We sign a non-disclosure agreement in the beginning of our relationship to protect you. We will never reach out to your customers or market them our services.

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