Stadium for Human Resources teams

Elevate the employee experience

Enhance recognition and streamline HR tasks across your organization with extraordinary branded merch, snacks, and innovative engagement experiences.


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The value of Stadium

Empower HR Success

A whole new set of capabilities for HR leaders.

Streamline Employee Rewards

Simplify with a branded shop or scalable campaigns for direct item delivery to your people.

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Enhance Employee Engagement

Delight your people with items from our incredible catalog, shared through branded shops, automated onboarding kits, monthly snack boxes, and more.

Drive Peer-to-Peer Recognition

Spark engagement with points shared among team members for redeemable perks. Stadium Points cultivate colleague camaraderie and reinforce a positive culture of achievement.


Improve Compliance

Ensure compliance with transparent reporting and auditing. Track fund distribution to leaders and teams in real-time using API and HRIS/ATS integrations.

Enhance Employee Onboarding

Make remarkable first impressions with automated welcome kits or a branded online shop for new hires to select uniforms, snacks, supplies, and more.


How human resource teams can use Stadium

Streamline employee data management

Simplify the process of managing employee data. Connect with hundreds of HR and applicant tracking systems. Easily send gifts, rewards, and recognition to employees based on their key dates and milestones.

  • Efficiency: Save time and reduce the risk of errors by automating employee data updates.
  • Simplified gifting: Easily set up date-based gifting campaigns, such as work anniversaries and birthdays.
  • Accuracy: Ensure that employee contact details and key dates are accurate, enhancing the precision of your employee recognition programs.

Personalized employee gifting experience

Create unique online shops tailored to your company’s branding and culture. Select specific items, customize the shop’s appearance, and offer a personalized experience to employees for various occasions.

  • Brand alignment: Maintain brand consistency with customized gift shops that reflect your company’s identity.
  • Employee engagement: Increase employee satisfaction by offering personalized gifts and recognition.
  • Flexible use cases: Adapt to various employee appreciation scenarios, such as new hires, work anniversaries, and special events, using your custom shop.
Redefining "human" in HR

Collaborative gifting made easy

It’s better when the team works together! Share your shop to facilitate collaborative gifting within HR teams or across departments. Multiple team members can contribute to a shared budget, allowing for more personalized and frequent employee recognition. It simplifies the process of allocating funds and ensuring a cohesive gifting experience.

  • Team collaboration: Enable HR teams to collectively recognize and appreciate employees with shared budgets.

  • Cost-effective: Lower the budget burden by allowing employees to contribute to recognition efforts.

  • Improved morale: Boost employee morale with more frequent and personalized recognition experiences.


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