Custom domain for Stadium Shop

Custom Domain is part of our Enterprise Customizations Package which can be purchased from your shop dashboard. Once purchased your package will be live for one year and can be used in any shop. You can then follow the information and steps below for setting up your custom domain.

Please note that this entire process may take up to 7-10 working days. So preparing well in advance is recommended.

Before we start setting up your shop’s custom domain, please make sure that you have accessibility to your IT Team* that will help in making the configurations needed for setting up your shop on your preferred domain or subdomain. We recommend passing the information on this page to your IT team and getting them involved since the start for this configuration. 

As a prerequisite, please identify which domain or subdomain you would like your shop to be hosted. Here are few things to check while identifying the domain/subdomain:

  • Is it a domain (Eg. or a subdomain (Eg. myshop.<>)? We recommended subdomain, however the decision should be made based on your needs. 
  • If it’s a new domain, have you already purchased it? You can purchase your domain through a third-party domain provider. If you don’t have one, we recommend GoDaddy or Namecheap.
  • Do you or the IT team have enough access to change DNS configurations?
  • No other application/website is hosted on the URL you have selected. 

Once you are sure of the URL you want your Stadium shop to work on, follow the following steps with your IT team:

How to set up a custom domain ?​

Step 1

  1. Log in to your domain provider.
  2. Find your DNS settings. This can usually be found in your account admin panel, domain management area, or DNS configuration.
  3. Create or change the CNAME record for domain/subdomain, you want to run the shop. Set CNAME record value as
  4. Save the CNAME Record.



Step 2*

Upon completing your purchase for the custom domain customization, you’ll be directed to a form to submit your custom domain name. We’ll email you with the next steps within 3-4 business days from the time this form is submitted.

Step 3

As a standard practice all shops run on HTTPS, so we’ll be generating SSL certificate for your domain/subdomain. Please note that this process will require domain verification from the domain owner. For the same we will be sending the SSL CNAME records, in the email response to the form you had filled in Step 2. These SSL CNAME records should be created within 24 hours of receiving the email.  

The new SSL CNAME record can be added in the same way as the first CNAME in Step1. Ideally that should set up your shop on the new URL in sometime. However, to make sure that things are working fine, once the SSL CNAME is added, we need you to reply on the same email thread confirming that it is done. After your confirmation, we will verify the setup if it’s done correctly.

That should be it. Happy Gifting!!!

*Unfortunately, Stadium is not able to support you with manually editing DNS settings.

By Stadium