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Sales Incentives

Sales incentives are rewards like monetary bonuses, prizes, commissions, trips, gifts, sales training rewards, or other non-monetary perks given to sales representatives or teams to motivate and encourage them to achieve specific sales targets or goals.

A sales incentive plan & program motivates and rewards salespeople for meeting and surpassing their sales targets. It is used in conjunction with a regular compensation plan. 

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Sales Incentives Ideas

Sales rewards and recognition ways to inspire the team.

Monetary Sales Incentives

Cash Rewards or Salary Hike

Direct monetary reimbursement or salary hike boosts employee's morale and improves overall performance with sustainability


Extra monetary rewards for those exceptional professional outputs, motivating excellence in sales.

Travel Voucher

Create rewards like relaxation and adventure to top sales success.


Give out equity in the company and link goals with sales plans to promote long-term prosperity.​


Non-Monetary Sales Incentives


Offering promotion and attainment of career progression is one of the ways through which sales reps gets motivated.

Flexible Working Hours

Providing flexibility and integrating work and everyday life to the sales staff leads to job contentment.

Paid Time Off

Dealing with work stress by offering the satisfaction of long strides after achieving sales goals.

Thank You Note

Personalized recognition for individual sales achievements creates a feeling of success and boosts motivation.

Swag Kit

Branding with the giveaway of pens, notebooks, and water bottles will help people recognize your brand and hopefully become loyal customers.

Snack Box

It is also suggested that a salesperson receive high-quality and appetizing treats as a token of appreciation for the sales efforts.

Gift Cards

Rewarding sales representatives with incentives that allow them to choose according to their preferences to generate motivation.

Experience Gifting

Giving a unique understanding of spa days or concert tickets would positively impact its customers.

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Business Rewards - Unique Sales Incentives Idea

Workplace Relocation

Relocation incentives are intended to ease employment changes.

Branded Company Store

Branded corporate shop incentives to encourage employee loyalty and engagement.

Team Awards

Team awards are used as incentives to promote collaboration and performance excellence inside enterprises.​

Team Games and Fun Activities

These can generate a spirit of camaraderie and a model of a good working environment within the sales teams.

Learning and Growth Opportunities

Tapping into employees’ potential by focusing on their skills development and aiming for a better career prospect.

Social Media Shout-Outs

Public recognition of achievements in sales helps employees feel proud of themselves and enhances their reputation. ​

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Stadium Shops

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Elevate morale and brand loyalty with personalized swag kits, turning ordinary incentives into unforgettable experiences.

Custom Gift Shops

Transform appreciation into action with custom gift stores, where recognition meets choice for every valued team member.

Sales Recognition Campaigns

Ignite sales momentum with dynamic sales incentives campaigns, driving performance and fostering a culture of achievement.

Peer-to-Peer Program

Foster collaboration and synergy with a Peer-to-Peer Program, empowering employees to recognize and uplift each other's contributions.

Prioritize holistic well-being with tailored wellness programs, promoting physical, mental, and emotional health for a thriving workforce.

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Sales Incentives Programs and Plans

Exciting and motivating sales incentives programs and plans for different team styles

All firms use sales data to establish accurate projections, set realistic targets, and design the optimum sales cycle. Analytics-based sales incentives reward salespeople for activities consistent with data-driven best practices.

Role-specific Sales Incentives Programs

Each position and responsibility is paired with an incentive appropriate to that role. Because salespeople have diverse jobs, this system guarantees that you recognize representatives based on their individual roles. A sales manager can be compensated depending on their accomplishments in relation to their obligations, and the same is true for the other representative.

Split Sales Incentives Programs

When salespeople collaborate on a project or a deal, they divide the reward when the project or contract closes. This is known as split incentives. With this approach, you may distribute rewards evenly across all participants or generate a split amount depending on specified parameters. For example, if salespeople from two departments collaborate to close a significant deal, you can award each member equally or according to their function.

Omnichannel Sales Incentives Programs

Salespeople in both B2B and B2C industries report, on average, communicating with prospects over two to three different channels. While engagement with a lead may begin over the phone, a prospect may complete a transaction online without the assistance of a representative. Omnichannel sales incentives guarantee that salespeople are compensated based on the help and value they deliver to a lead, irrespective of whether they are there when the lead clicks "purchase."

Pre sales incentives reward representatives at various sales process phases when a transaction is completed. This approach encourages salespeople at a time when there are more touchpoints and interactions throughout the sales process since it can assist in combatting discouragement that may arise throughout a lengthier sales process.


Tips for Effective Sales Incentives Plans


Motivating an underperforming sales staff might be difficult, but not impossible. To assist your staff in achieving their maximum potential, create clear goals, provide training and development possibilities, and give rewards and recognition. Here are some key tips: 

Set clear expectations

Ensure your salespeople understand their duties and responsibilities and the targets they must meet. Set specific and attainable goals and a road map for achieving them.

Identify the root cause

Determine the fundamental issues causing the team’s underperformance. Once you’ve discovered this, you can devise a strategy.

Offer training and support

Offer training and tools to assist team members enhance their abilities and knowledge. Invest in regular coaching and assistance to help them improve their sales skills and confidence.

Celebrate small wins

Celebrate and recognize team members’ successes. This can help generate momentum and foster a healthy work atmosphere.

Foster a positive work environment

Create a friendly and supportive work atmosphere where all team members feel appreciated and respected. Promote open communication, feedback, and cooperation that helps to motivate your team. 

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